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  • Name – Aaron Story
    Age – 35

    While growing up, I was always the kid that didn’t feel real comfortable in my own body. I had issues with weight throughout my child hood and all the way up until high school. While playing high school sports, I was able to maintain a good weight and “felt” like I was a decent…

    Aaron Story
  • Name – Shea Joyner
    Age – 26

    Before I started CrossFit, I was in a deep depression and used food to try and cope with the miserable way I felt on the inside. I had just gotten sober off of drugs and alcohol and has just lost my mom to cancer. I was using food as a means of escape. I…

    Shea Joyner
  • Name – Ashlee Fleck
    Age – 31

    CrossFit 190 has changed my life forever, I say CrossFit 190 because I truly believe our gym is unlike any other. Coach Corry is fantastic, he is focused on his athletes living healthier, stronger and more confident lives. I have always been athletic but not truly strong. As I got older, my body changed…

    CrossFit 190 Member Testimonial
    Ashlee Fleck,
  • Name – Shonda Harned

    Age – 24

    All through high school I was involved in athletics. I never had to worry about my weight and could really eat whatever I wanted. Then graduation came and so did the dreaded “freshman 15”. I was really uncomfortable and embarrassed of what my body looked like. I resorted to meal replacement shakes and an…

    CrossFit 190 Member Testimonial
    Shonda Harned,
  • Name – Mike Mazyck
    Age – 34
    Beginning Weight – 227 lbs
    Current Weight – 201 lbs

    Prior to starting Crossfit I was overweight by at least 20 lbs and had been struggling with getting the weight off and feeling good about myself for years. I wasn’t struggling because I didn’t know how to get the weight off. I was struggling because…

    CrossFit 190 Member Testimonal
    Mike Mazyck,
  • Rewind a few months ago, I was self conscious and physically drained. After deciding enough was enough, I made the decision to join CrossFit 190. I am proud to say in less than three months, I have managed to lose 47 pounds. Joining CrossFit helped me turn my life around because now I exercise six times a week, completely…

    Sumayyah Zidan