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Corry & Jaimee Kirby

Corry Kirby
Owner, Head Coach
CrossFit Level I, CrossFit Level 2

Jaimee Kirby
CrossFit Level 1

Corry holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing from The University of Texas, Arlington. He is a Certified CrossFit Level I and II Instructor.

Corry played football and golf at Mesquite Horn High School from 2000-2004. Throughout college he was a gym rat. He loved the idea of lifting, and it correlated strongly with his “tough guy” approach. If you know him now, you know him to be one of the most warm and personable guys around. He has a strong love for the Lord that keeps him humble in all of his blessings. He’s a dedicated pro claimer of his faith, a faithful husband to his better half, Jaimee, and a fierce CrossFitter.

Corry began working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and eventually a manager for a local gym. When he first heard about CrossFit, he thought it was just another exercise fad that would eventually fade. It wasn’t until he decided to try a few workouts that he really began to understand that there was no better way to train. He attended a Level I certification course in 2010 where he posted a 8:00 minute Fran time, finishing way behind most of the men…and women there. At his training, CrossFit world-renown phenom, Jason Khalipa called him “Mr. Benchpress,” and when they had a few moments to visit, shared with him his background before CrossFit. The two had a lot in common, including terrible mobility from heavy lifting.

Since then, Corry has spent numerous hours in the the gym, mostly on stretching, and eventually working out. His friends joke with him about his fanatic ideas on mobility and flexibility. They also know that if they want to WOD with him, they better give him a good hour to get warm. All jokes set aside, Corry loves CrossFit. He loves constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements and he loves people. He is the best at what he does.

Shonda Harned

CrossFit Level 1

Shonda began her journey at Crossfit 190 in September of 2013. Before crossfit, working out was just motivated by guilt and self loathing.  KIDDING! Well, mostly, haha.  Shonda grew up super involved in the world of competitive cheer, all throughout middle school and high school.  She currently continues to coach for Active Stars in Plano.  Her love for competition really made her feel like she had found a home at Crossfit 190.  She loves the friendly competition, and everyone’s desires to help each other do the best they can.  After a couple years of attending the classes, doing local competitions and developing her love for the sport, she decided that she wanted to become certified so that she could help others grow and develop as well.  This brings us to right here, right now, and she could not be more excited to see what the future holds.

Conni Bond

CrossFit Level 1

Conni came to CrossFit 190 in January of 2015 with almost no athletic training. Like most beginners, she scaled a lot of the movements and worked with lighter weights. Over time, her dedication and hard work allowed her to improve (and continues to improve) and even earned her a coaching position in October 2016.

Having grown up extremely overweight, sports and other physical activities were not hobbies for Conni. It wasn’t until college that she started visiting the gym and found exercises that she actually enjoyed doing. After trying several different global gyms and classes, Conni has found a home at CrossFit 190. CrossFit offers enough variation and room for improvement that keeps Conni interested and coming back for more.

Conni earned her B.S. in Chemistry at UC Santa Cruz and M.S. in Chemistry at NC State University. She lives in Garland where she also works as a high school chemistry teacher.