Conni Bond

CrossFit Level 1

Conni came to CrossFit 190 in January of 2015 with almost no athletic training. Like most beginners, she scaled a lot of the movements and worked with lighter weights. Over time, her dedication and hard work allowed her to improve (and continues to improve) and even earned her a coaching position in October 2016.

Having grown up extremely overweight, sports and other physical activities were not hobbies for Conni. It wasn’t until college that she started visiting the gym and found exercises that she actually enjoyed doing. After trying several different global gyms and classes, Conni has found a home at CrossFit 190. CrossFit offers enough variation and room for improvement that keeps Conni interested and coming back for more.

Conni earned her B.S. in Chemistry at UC Santa Cruz and M.S. in Chemistry at NC State University. She lives in Garland where she also works as a high school chemistry teacher.