Shonda Harned

CrossFit Level 1

Shonda began her journey at Crossfit 190 in September of 2013. Before crossfit, working out was just motivated by guilt and self loathing.  KIDDING! Well, mostly, haha.  Shonda grew up super involved in the world of competitive cheer, all throughout middle school and high school.  She currently continues to coach for Active Stars in Plano.  Her love for competition really made her feel like she had found a home at Crossfit 190.  She loves the friendly competition, and everyone’s desires to help each other do the best they can.  After a couple years of attending the classes, doing local competitions and developing her love for the sport, she decided that she wanted to become certified so that she could help others grow and develop as well.  This brings us to right here, right now, and she could not be more excited to see what the future holds.