Aaron Story

Name – Aaron Story
Age – 35

While growing up, I was always the kid that didn’t feel real comfortable in my own body. I had issues with weight throughout my child hood and all the way up until high school. While playing high school sports, I was able to maintain a good weight and “felt” like I was a decent athlete. After I graduated and life started, my old childhood issues ramped back up. With no drive to workout and an awful diet, the weight just kept coming. I battled that for most of my adult life.

About 5 years ago, my wife and I started at a local CrossFit, but I really couldn’t get into it. I didn’t feel comfortable at the gym we were at and kept making excuses for not wanting to go or be there. During this time, my weight increased up to 270 pounds. So like most, I started hitting 24hr Fitness doing what I could but with no drive and no accountability…it was tough to make any progress. During this time, my wife had switched to CrossFit 190 and was getting amazing results from Corry’s coaching. Shortly after seeing her gains and a little “push from her to come try it out, I came in for Crossfit round 2!

Since day 1 here, I have felt so comfortable and that has everything to do with the athletes in the gym and the coaches that pushed me daily. After a couple of months of learning the movements and getting more comfortable with them, I started to see substantial weight loss. I was down to 240 and felt better than I had in years! About this time, Corry gave me a run down about the Paleo diet and that is when my life changed! Soon after, I quickly started dropping weight and getting stronger daily with his programming. After about 6 months at CrossFit 190, I went from 270 to 215 on strict Paleo and 5-6 days a week training. Since then, it’s been a year and a half and I’m still going strong. This has become my home away from home and I have made some life changing relationships with people here. I am so glad my wife got me to give it another try. I can assure you Corry and the coaches will do their part but it’s not going to happen without you doing yours! Get in here and give it a try. I promise 190 won’t let you down!