CrossFit 190 Member Testimonial

Name – Ashlee Fleck
Age – 31

CrossFit 190 has changed my life forever, I say CrossFit 190 because I truly believe our gym is unlike any other. Coach Corry is fantastic, he is focused on his athletes living healthier, stronger and more confident lives. I have always been athletic but not truly strong. As I got older, my body changed and I wasn’t capable of performing the way I was used to. I never had to work hard to be athletic and compete. Then 1 year ago, I realized I was truly unhappy with the way I felt. i starting losing my confidence and was embarrassed to be around people unless I was in jeans and a hoodie. I was 175 lbs and felt gross! This is not the life I wanted.

Some friends had been doing CrossFit for over a year and anytime we were around them, that’s what we talked about, but I was intimidated by it. When I saw CrossFit girls, I saw strong and fierce. There was no way I could do what they do. i wanted to get there though, so I decided I have to start somewhere and I tried it. One class at 190 and I was hooked. I came back for more! Corry worked with me and scaled the workouts so I could do it and I felt accomplished, I could actually do it. I was so sore and tired but I wanted to be confident, strong and healthy again so I realized I had to fight for it. ¬†One of the best things about CrossFit is anyone really can do it, it doesn’t matter your age, weight or physical setbacks. you can scale anything for anyone. I was determined to be a better me and CrossFit gave me that. My competitive nature kicked in and I had to get better so I wasn’t at the bottom of the board every day. I started coming 5 days a week and committed to my nutrition. I educated myself on good foods and what my body needs to perform at its best. I lost 15 lbs in 2 months, working my butt off i might add, literally. I wanted more, I wanted to lose more, get stronger and have the muscle tone. I am now down 35 lbs but have a lot more muscle. I went from 32% body fat to 18% body fat in 1 year. Strong truly is beautiful and I feel it. For once in my life, I truly feel beautiful! Nutrition is a huge part of being fit and strong and Corry educated me on that, not many coaches will do that. I know that CrossFit 190 has changed me forever and I love who I am now!